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Periodically, I would like to introduce you to other artists and poets that have inspired me. This week’s blogs and photos are the work of Casey Van Dyke. I believe you will enjoy her heart-felt thoughts and gifts as much as I have.

My mind is filled with thoughts of me
        I want to sound witty
                I want to be wise
                        I want to be urbane

Even my thoughts of You…
        are of me

I want to learn more about you
        I want to understand your mysteries
                I want to hear you

When I’ve exhausted myself, again, in pursuit of you
        And out of despair my thoughts give way
                My heart beating is the only sound in my ears

Then I see it, again, the faint path ahead
        That invites me for a stroll
                A slow walk with hands outstretched
                        Light brush of grass and flowers on my palms

Then even my heart beats give way
        A presence flickers inside me

Here I am

                                                                                ~David Van Dyke

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