It’s cold outside
        and inside too

I want to care
        but the truth is I don’t

I say I do
        and I know I should

But, I’m tired
        and weary of well-doing

How many times
        must I watch the destruction

How many people
        must I let disappoint me

How many occasions
        must be less than expected

Before it’s OK
        to say, “I have done enough.”

It’s cold outside
        and inside too

Breathe of God – warm my soul
        alter my selfishness
                replenish my weariness
                        forgive my callousness
                                change my thoughtlessness
                                        transform my hopelessness

Bring me to life again!

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3 thoughts on “Warmth

  1. Angela

    Thank you Piet for the reminder that when the embers of our soul begin to cool…I can ask Him to ignite us once again. Well said.

  2. Karen

    As I read your piece, I thought, “Wow! I could have written that. (Theoretically speaking.) I have traveled that path.” Thank you for showing me others have been down that road and come through renewed and strengthen by our blessed Lord and Savior.

  3. LBT

    Thank you for expressing my feelings… God bless you…

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